Color X Color by Chuck Sperry

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Published by Hangar 18
Introductions by Charles Bock and Carlo McCormick, 
Afterword by Josef Zimmerman, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Curator of Contemporary Art
Hardback First Edition of 1500
second printing
10.5 x 12.875 x 2+ inches 
752 pages / index
800+ color illustrations

“Color x Color: The Sperry Poster Archive” illustrates the 40 year career arc of renowned rock poster artist and master screen printer, Chuck Sperry. The 750+ page tome features over 800 color reproductions of Sperry’s work, from his early years creating posters for Bill Graham’s legendary Fillmore Auditorium, to his eye-arresting work for The Who, Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam, and the Black Keys.

Sperry Introduces each chapter of “Color x Color” with fresh and  insightful autobiographical detail, shedding light on his colorful art, life and career. As the artist prefaces his book: “To show you everything, well, that’s exactly what I set out to do two years ago. This book brings together every poster I have created.” 

The impetus to create this exhaustively complete book originates with the creation of an extensive special permanent collection of Sperry’s art to enter the archives of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.