Doomsday Animals by Camille Rose Garcia

Camille Rose Garcia
Doomsday Animals

41 out of 100
Signed and numbered

Doomsday Animals
 is a set of four two-color relief prints presented in a unique handmade accordion portfolio, which when fully extended reaches over 60” in length. Camille has written stories for each print, which have been printed onto protective vellum slip-sheets. The portfolio has been constructed by hand with heavy duty archival board and garnished with letterpress printing, foil stamping, a ribbon, and an array of unique papers.
Edition of 100
20 Artist’s proofs
24 Studio proofs
1 Bon à tirer
Year of release: 2003
Edition: 100 + 20 Artist’s proofs and 24 Studio proofs
Print Size: 9˝ × 11 ½˝
Portfolio Size: 11 ¼˝ × 14˝
Signed & numbered by the artist
Year of release: 2003