Medieval Book Binding, Sat/Sun April 1&2 10:30am-5pm


This is a 2 day workshop
Saturday, April 1st 10:30am-5pm with a 1/2 hr. break for lunch. 
Sunday, April 2nd 10:30am-5pm with a 1/2 hr. break for lunch. 

The medieval book was built to last. The revolutionary technology embedded in this form has been around for close to 1200 years. Since then, there’ve been a few upgrades in communication technology, but for portability, durability, ease of use, and secure storage of the contents within, there’s nothing better than a wooden-board binding. And now, that technology is within easy grasp for today’s artist, craftsperson, or curious seeker of analog skills. If you’d like to make one of these, sign up!

In this 2-day class, you’ll learn how to make a medieval-style binding that will open flat and is almost indestructible. The 128-page textblock will be sewn on leather supports and laced into shaped wooden boards. Folding paper into 16-page signatures, preparing the signatures for sewing, making the leather thongs for supports, and sewing the textblock prepares us for gluing the spine, adding liners, and setting all aside while beginning to shape the boards with wood-planes and chisels. Channeling the boards to accept the leather thongs, drilling holes to lace the thongs, and lacing the boards onto the textblock brings the parts together to make a book. Covering the spine with leather, turning it in top and bottom, shaping the leather over the cords gets us closer to the final product. Pasting down the endsheets, and blind tooling the leather finishes the work.

Lunch Break: We are located walking distance to a wonderful empanada cafe called Cafe Buenos Aires. You can also bring your lunch and use our kitchen with toaster oven, microwave, refrigerator.  

All tools and materials are included in the fee. $240.00 (includes $40.00 materials fee).

18+ No refunds unless class is cancelled.
Limited to 8 students.

About the Instructor | Nicky Yeager

Nicky Yeager studies the secrets of old books and makes book art from his discoveries. He practices bookbinding, calligraphy, parchment making, and papermaking, and has done so for all his adult life. For 25 years he made a medieval style pocket calendar and used each book daily to see how it would react. These real-time observations are incorporated in this class. Yeager makes books and writes about these processes as a practitioner on his blog, His work on a 19th century penmanship book illustrated with watermarked letterforms will be included in Papermaker’s Tears, Volume 2, due out in the spring of 2023 from The Legacy Press. His Instagram account @Motoscribendi features his latest work; and his chickens.