Dying of Thirst book by Gary Baseman

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Gary Baseman
Dying of Thirst

Baseman's paintings reflect an oozing, sexual frenzy and dripping, cream-filled energy. This full-color, large-format collector's edition features beautiful reproductions of Baseman's artwork. It includes nude studies in mixed media, and paintings such as Dripping With Desire, The Hills of Creamy Goodness and Dying of Thirst.

Hardcover. 48 Pages.
Publisher- Last Gasp (2008)

in Dying of Thirst: New Paintings by Gary Baseman, his obsession for Kewpie-esque nymphs is displayed as never before, in living color and in a large format. The imagery includes a collection of nudist "art" photographs overpainted with troll-like creatures in Pepto Bismol pink and Hershey's brown. But most of the book features his signature nymphs cavorting with bears, bugs and other disquietingly cute characters. "Cute plus Sex, you might say," Holly Myers writes in her introduction, "equals Creepy." And while for some this would be an accurate description, also present in Baseman's work is a cultivated naivete, a style that is designed to lull and shock, but not excessively.
—The New York Times, Steven Heller