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Inherit the Earth by Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez
Inherit the Earth by Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez

Inherit the Earth by Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez

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Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez
Inherit the earth
Acrylic on wood
24" x 30" Framed

Johnny Rodriguez (a.k.a KMNDZ) is well-known for his commercial visual design as well as his success as a fine art painter. His reflective nature comes as no surprise with the moniker KMNDZ hinting at his deeply creative motivations. “Anyone who’s ever touched a Mac,” Rodriguez says, “knows that the keystroke combination ‘command’ + ‘z’ = ‘undo’. After using it day in and day out, I started wishing that I had an ‘undo’ action for everyday life.”

Rodriguez works from memory and experience, recalling conflicts and bitter words that, once uttered, cannot be retracted. His compositions are reflective visual narrations, filled with iconic shadowy imagery of robots, birds, diffused weapons, and delicate ornamentation all suspended within the natural world.

In art, as in real life, there’s hope for reconciliation and renewal. Detonated grenades are strung together with colored glass beads to create beautifully balanced chandeliers suspended in space. Bird houses once abandoned become newly inhabited by feathered friends who gather grass and twigs to build a home amongst the detritus. The contrast between rusted weapons of destruction and flourishing vegetation and animal life is key to the artist’s message. “On the surface,” Rodriguez says, “you can say the message is about non-­violence as a reaction to both physical and psychological destructiveness. It is about what I believe is the necessary response to negative actions —understanding opposite perspectives and responding in love and kindness.” For the artist, these works serve as poignant reminders that the ‘Undo’ button exists - for everyone - and that if we’re mindful, it’s not too late to use it.

Johnny Rodriguez was born in Los Angeles, and is a self-taught painter, accomplished designer, and black belt in Jiu-Jitsu.
This piece is part of our current exhibition Hi-Fructose presents: The Art of the Mushroom and will remain on display in the gallery through December 9, 2018. We will ship this piece the week of December 12th.

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