Roosevelt print (Agitprop)

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"Roosevelt quote" 10.5" x 7.5" Spray paint, Letterpress print on paper 2017 Please note that these are printed with red and blue backgrounds and you can't choose what you will get. Each print is handmade and the background will be slightly different on each print. You get TWO prints included in each order. One for you, and one for you to distribute into the world. $25 INCLUDES shipping in the USA This print is part of our in-house Agitprop print series. We give away a certain number of prints locally and we save a few to sell online to support our in-house printing as well as our Agitprop Printmaking Residency ( Our Agitprop printmaking residency allows people access to our facilities, training, all materials (paper, ink, etc.) where they print 100 prints to distribute for free into the world. If you want to support our programs you can give a tax deductible donation to us at: