Sew Lab Orientation (Compound Studio Artists Only) Fri. Jan. 14th 11:30am


Fri. Jan 14th 11:30am
This orientation is for Current Compound Studio Artists Only.

This orientation will allow Compound Studio Artists access to the sewing machines, serger, and industrial sewing machine. (The Embroidery Machine requires a separate workshop). This is NOT a sewing class. You must have prior experience or confidence in using a sewing machine. We will not be going over how to sew, but rather how to thread, where things are kept, how to oil machines, etc. After taking this orientation you will be able to access the Sew Lab 24/7 including use of machines (except Embroidery), thread, notions, heat press, iron, dress forms, etc.

 *NO Refunds or exchanges/rescheduling for no shows (unless class is cancelled)